Born and raised in the small Midwestern Town of Bloomington Illinois, Ces Indie began her music journey at 6 years participating in recitals at her church.  At 10 years old  Ces , her sisters and neighbor began participating in local talent shows adopting  the name 'Simply Sweet'.

The girls were inspired by artists such as Destiny's Child, TLC, and Aaliyah. Although the group took home many trophies and prizes, the performances eventually gave way to school activities.

After 'Simply Sweet' ended Ces was unsure how to begin her own career in music. With a lack of  knowledge of the music industry , she took a break. At age 15, Ces passion to write songs was reignited as she sat in her bedroom humming a tune which would become  her first song ever recorded, 'It's Time' . Ces participated in high school talent shows, and sang at local festivals to promote the song. The single created a buzz in her hometown and made its debut on a local radio station in 2005.   Her mother encouraged her to continue writing and quickly took on a Managerial role. Neither Ces nor her mother  had knowledge of how the music industry worked.  Together , with a DIY approach, they navigated and learned how to gain exposure and opportunities to showcase Ces' music. 

 Since the release of her very first single, Ces has continued writing. She landed her first Major Network licensing deal on Nickelodeon's all girl series 'Mysticons'. Mysticons Producers took a liking to the uptempo bold single 'Show Me What You Got; A song driven by a powerful drum line and lyrics to match. Ces has also landed international retail licensing placements in United States and the United Kingdom. Ces' latest single 'Proposition' , an upbeat dance track that is 'all about the feels' made it's debut in 2020  winning the hearts of fans across the globe. 

                           THE ENTREPRENEUR

In 2019 Ces and her business partner pursued their passion of also supporting fellow musicians in their journey.  Cesmusic.com  launched in March of 2020.  The website offers guidance to Artists to learn about the technical and business aspects of being an independent musician.  The  website also provides valuable and accredited  resources.  Following the website,  the Ces Music Co. #BEHEARD Campaign was created. The #BEHEARD Campaign gives Artists an opportunity to submit their music for a free feature on Cesmusic.com , and receive free marketing on all social media platforms.

Ces Music Company's goal is to build a network of musicians that support each other.  'Starving Artist' is a term of the past. Ces believes with persistence and dedication. It is possible to find lucrative success as an Artist.